Mani Monday with Zoya – Binx

Hello, lovelies!  Today I want to share one of my most recent acquisitions, Zoya’s Binx.  I absolutely have loved all the swatches I’ve seen, so I was eager to get my hands on this.  I picked it up at Ulta for $9.

Bottle Label








I love the multi-color look the iridescent glitter gives this magenta polish.  It is stunning in the bottle.  I was hopeful it would be as brilliant on the nail.

Macro2 Macro








Just look at the multi-tonal color!

Layers Mani








I found this polish to be a three-coater to get the truest color.  As sheer as it is, it would look excellent layered over a creme as well.  Application was a dream; I have come to expect as much from Zoya, and anything less would give it a low rating.  I am absolutely in love with this polish (if you can’t tell.)  I definitely give Zoya’s Binx a 5 out of 5.

This was my chosen polish for the Great Polish Giveaway of 2014.  If you haven’t already, enter from my original giveaway post.  You could win up to 200 polishes!

And one last photo: a macro of the polish on my thumbnail:









Have a marvelous Monday, all!


The Great Polish Giveaway of 2014! by:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hello lovelies! is hosting a giveaway and I have chosen one of the prize polishes.  I chose one of the polishes I am currently lusting over, Binx by Zoya, part of the Bubbly Collection for Summer 2014.


Click on the “a Rafflecopter giveaway” link below the giveaway image to enter!  This is open to US and Canadian residents, see Rafflecopter for more details.

Good luck everybody!

Mani Monday and Textured Madness

Hello lovelies!  My last post was about textured polishes.  I pulled out my textureds and found I have quite a few.  Thirty, to be exact.  So, I decided to swatch them all and share them with you!

CG Swatches


China Glaze textured polishes. From L to R: I’m a Chromantic, Teal the Tide Turns, Seahorsin’ Around, Tail Me Something, There’s Snow One Like You, Bump in the Night

The China Glaze polishes are okay.  I’m a Chromantic, Bump in the Night, and Seahorsin’ Around are all possible one-coaters.  Seahorsin’ Around was the easiest application of all shown, went on really smoothly.  There’s Snow One Like You I have to say is my least favorite.  The finer grit looks like bubbles in the polish and the chunky bits just make it awkward.  It might, and that’s a big might, look okay as one coat over a white base.  I’m a Chromantic I actually like before putting on a second coat.  A second coat just makes it too stucco-esque.

OPI Bottles

OPI Swatches


OPI Liquid Sand polishes.  From L to R: The Impossible, Magazine Cover Mouse, Jinx, Honey Ryder, Get Your Number, Alcatraz Rocks, Vesper

The OPIs are nice, I think I noticed a few dupes that we’ll look at on Wednesday.  I really like the application of these.  Vesper has an awesome purple tone that gets lost in multiple coats.  That was my biggest disappointment.  I really like the two Mariah Carey polishes – The Impossible and Get Your Number.

Zoya Bottles
Zoya Swatches


Zoya Pixie Dust polishes.  From L to R: Chyna, Dhara, Chita, Carter

Zoya can do almost no wrong, and they certainly make my day with their Pixie Dust polishes.  Easy application and two coats to perfect.  Chita was a bit of a surprise, I expected a more drab green on the nail, but was surprised at a quite festive green.  I will definitely have to incorporate that into a Christmas nail pattern when it comes time.

NOPI Bottles
NOPI Swatches


Nicole by OPI Gumdrops polishes.  From L to R: My Cherry Amour, Cinna-Man of my Dreams, That’s What I Mint

The Nicoles have about the same application as the OPI as would be expected.  Cinna-Man of my Dreams is my favorite of the ones I have as it is more than the dusty bronze shown in the swatch.  It has a bit of mauve to it as well.

L'Oreal Bottles
L'Oreal Swatches


L’Oréal textured polishes.  From L to R: Diamond in the Rough, The Statement Piece, Too Dimensional?, Sexy in Sequins

Oh where do I begin on the L’Oréal polishes?  Diamond in the Rough was very thick.  My lid has been secure and I keep all my polishes stored in a Helmer from IKEA.  I want to say that my first time wearing it I noticed its thickness as well.  All of the L’Oréals had a very wide, thick brush that made application difficult.  Aside from Too Dimensional and Sexy in Sequins, I wouldn’t really bother with these.

Revlon Bottles
Revlon Swatches


Revlon textured polishes.  From L to R: Balinese Bay and Motorcycle Jacket

I was quite surprised at how much I adore these polishes from Revlon.  Despite Balinese Bay needing three coats, it is a beautiful polish and is worth the extra coat.  Motorcycle Jacket impresses as well.  I would call Motorcycle Jacket texture-light; it is textured, but not as much as most textured polish.  I would recommend testing the water with any of the Leather line if you are interested in textured polish.

Misc Bottles
Misc Swatches


Miscellaneous textured polishes.  From L to R (bottles): FingerPaints – Spell Binding, Sally Hansen Sugar Coat – Pink Sprinkle, Love & Beauty – Blue Jewel, Milani – Purple Streak

All my miscellaneous textures.  There’s not much to say about them.  It appears that Blue Jewel may be a Seahorsin’ Around dupe.  Spell Binding looks awfully similar to My Cherry Amour in the bottle.  Sally Hansen and Milani both have wonderful, easy application formulas.

All swatches were two coats with the following exceptions: I’m a Chromantic (one coat), all Nicole by OPI (three coats), Balinese Bay (three coats)

And it wouldn’t be Mani Monday without my mani!

Vesper Mani

OPI Liquid Sand in Vesper – two coats over ORLY Bonder