Mani Monday with Zoya – Binx

Hello, lovelies!  Today I want to share one of my most recent acquisitions, Zoya’s Binx.  I absolutely have loved all the swatches I’ve seen, so I was eager to get my hands on this.  I picked it up at Ulta for $9.

Bottle Label








I love the multi-color look the iridescent glitter gives this magenta polish.  It is stunning in the bottle.  I was hopeful it would be as brilliant on the nail.

Macro2 Macro








Just look at the multi-tonal color!

Layers Mani








I found this polish to be a three-coater to get the truest color.  As sheer as it is, it would look excellent layered over a creme as well.  Application was a dream; I have come to expect as much from Zoya, and anything less would give it a low rating.  I am absolutely in love with this polish (if you can’t tell.)  I definitely give Zoya’s Binx a 5 out of 5.

This was my chosen polish for the Great Polish Giveaway of 2014.  If you haven’t already, enter from my original giveaway post.  You could win up to 200 polishes!

And one last photo: a macro of the polish on my thumbnail:









Have a marvelous Monday, all!


Re-Review: Sally Hansen Color Foils Leaden Lilac and Rose Copper

Hello lovelies! Apologies for not posting this yesterday, I had a weird reaction to my migraine abortive medicine and was in bed from late afternoon until this morning.

I decided to give Sally Hansen’s Color Foils another try.  Today I have Leaden Lilac to review.

Leaden Lilac
Here is the bottle of Leaden Lilac.

LL Mani with RC Accent
Mani using Leaden Lilac and accent of Rose Copper. Two coats; no base or top coat used.

So, using no base coat, I seemed to get better coloration.  Leaden Lilac applied as easily as Rose Copper.  For application, if you are doing two coats, be sure to let the first coat completely dry before applying the second coat otherwise, it will drag and leave bare spots.  You also need to make sure that the bottle is shaken really well otherwise the color won’t be what is intended.  My second coat of Leaden Lilac was darker than the first due to this.

I’m still going to be playing with this one for awhile testing base and top coats.  Without a top coat, the polishes chipped within a half hour.

Overall, I’d give this polish a 3 out of 5 – the colors are beautiful, but they show every imperfection and are a bit finicky with base and top coats.