PinchMe Unboxing

Hello, lovelies!  I received my Pinch Me box the other day, and I’d like to share my goodies with you guys!

PinchMe Box






It’s a big box this time.  Can’t wait to dig in!



The first thing I pulled out was Tom’s of Maine deodorant.  It’s Wild Lavender scent.  (The pink on the label was something that leaked.  I never could figure out what.)  The scent is a bit strong.  I tried it, but it’s not for me.  For me, it didn’t last the 24 hours that it stated it would.  I like the fact that it’s natural ingredients, but it just doesn’t work with my body’s chemistry.





The next thing I pulled out was a pack of Gevalia coffee.  Gevalia is not new to me, and this met my expectations.  I drink my coffee with flavored creamer, and this blended well with the creamer.  It was very smooth.  I really enjoyed it!





I then pulled out three Garnier samples: Hydra Recharge hair care, Clean+ Balancing Daily Exfoliator for Combination Skin, and Marvelous Oil 5-Action Hair Elixir.  I have tried all but the hair elixir.  I really loved the exfoliator and am considering purchasing it.  It left my face feeling nice and fresh.  The Hydra Recharge I could take or leave – my hair isn’t dry, so I didn’t need the moisturizing care.  It was nice, and I would purchase it if my hair was the dry type.

Buen Sabor

I also received a coupon for a free package of Buen Sabor at Target.  I can’t wait to redeem it as they do show empanadas pictured as an option!





SC Bottle SC Label








Lastly is a bottle of Sinful Colors in Sunburnt.  I really liked this color.  It is a very warm, eye-catching, deep coral.  It applied as I expected, very smoothly.  I have yet to find a Sinful Colors polish that has not had wonderful application – Silver Solution’s application was nice, I just didn’t like the opacity.

SC Mani



This is two coats of Sunburnt with no topcoat.  I really find this a wonderful summer color.




Disclosure:  All samples were provided free of charge by Pinch Me.  I was not required to write a review, I chose to do so on my own.  Click here to sign up for Pinch Me to get your own products to try! (I receive nothing for Pinch Me click-throughs other than the satisfaction of knowing you get to try some awesome products!)

Have a fabulous Friday, all!


Review: Sinful Colors Silk – Silver Solution

Hello lovelies!  A little while ago, I went in Walgreens and found the Sinful Colors Silk collection.  The silver shade, Silver Solution, caught my attention and I decided that I would get it and try it out.

SS Bottle SS Label








It is a lovely silver color in the bottle.  I was very eager to try this one out.  I have one or two gold satin polishes, but nothing in silver.

SS Layers



I was disappointed to find that it takes four coats to get full opacity, and even then you still have a bit of visible nail line.  Silver Solution is very sheer.





SS as Top Coat



It does work well as a top coat.  Pictured is one coat of Silver Solution over (from top to bottom): Avon – Powerful Pink, Butter London – Diamond Geezer, and Avon – Blue Shock.  The Diamond Geezer nail is what I had expected when I purchased this polish.



All in all, I’m highly disappointed with this particular color in the Silk collection.  I would hope that the other colors are more opaque.  Even though Silver Solution makes a nice top coat, it does not work well over all colors.  In my trial, I prefered it over the warm tone of Powerful Pink rather than the cool tone of Blue Shock.  I give this polish a 2 out of 5.

Have a marvelous Monday, all!

A Little Different Mani Monday

Hello lovelies!  Today’s post is going to be a little different.  I have something I have to get off my chest, but I promise I’ll follow with my regular Mani Monday in this post.

Today the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 5-4 that companies can receive an exemption from the birth-control mandate provisioned by the Affordable Healthcare Act.  The ruling stems from Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties contesting having to cover birth-control based on religious beliefs.  The only thing I can find to be glad about is that the ruling was at least close.  I support religious freedom, but I also put people’s health above religion.  When you look at most things, I suspect that most people value health above religion.  You cannot overlook any kind of harm or abuse that is labeled as a religious act.  And that is what this is, a harm to women’s health.  Certain birth-control methods are used for other things.  I was on birth-control pills for a long time to manage my heavy periods, and later I took them to help manage my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  Now it seems that I probably have endometriosis.  My physician informed me that my Mirena IUD is used to help manage endometriosis.  As I understand the ruling, these things may not be covered if the employer my insurance is through decides that they don’t believe in birth-control due to religious beliefs.  I also believe that I would be able to get them covered for my medical issues, but it would take filling out and filing paperwork – basically jumping through hoops.

I read that the companies said they supported birth-control such as some pills, condoms, and sterilization procedures.   Pills and procedures would fall under birth-control as far as insurance is concerned.  How can you single out certain methods?  I also want to note that basic birth-control pills are relatively cheap – I think when I was had no insurance, I was paying about $15/month for the generic, standard birth-control pills.  Sterilization procedures would be a one-time expense, provided it went as planned.  To me it sounds like they approve the methods that would not be of much cost to them.  I had insurance at the time I had my IUD placed, and did not have to pay anything out-of-pocket.  I have no idea how much they cost to be placed, but I would bet that it’s not cheap.

Alright, that’s my opinion of the latest SCOTUS ruling.  On to something happier – Mani Monday!

In the VoxBox that I posted about last Friday, I received a bottle of Sinful Colors in Ocean View.  I decided to use that for my Mani Monday manicure.
Ocean View with Nail Junkie

I used Sinful Colors in Nail Junkie for the accent nail.  Quite appropriate I think, yes?

Trip Report: Sinful Colors Sale at Walgreens

Hello lovelies!  The other day I heard that Sinful Colors polish was on sale at Walgreens for 99¢, and I had to go check it out for myself.

I found that not only were polishes on sale, but the new nail water tattoos were on sale!  Here’s what I picked up:

SC Polishes
These beautiful colors, Orange Crush and Ruby Mine, turned out to be textured polishes from the Crystal Crushes collection.

SC Ink Out Loud SC Its All Tat SC Tatoo Hot SC Rad-A-Tat
I also picked up all four nail tattoo sheets.  Some of the designs are repeated in the packages, but for 99¢, I couldn’t resist!  I tried out the pink drink decals and the application was easy; however, if you don’t apply a topcoat after, they do rub off fairly easily.
ET w tattoo
This is Indigo Banana’s Executive Transvestite with the pink drink water decal.  I will go into my love of the Indigo Banana’s brand at a later date, but I think this photo gives a good idea of why I love IB.  Just look at the rainbows in that polish!

I decided to do a fun gradient design using both of the polishes after bringing them home.  Here is the gradient a little before cleanup:
SC Gradient

And then here was what I came up with for final look:
I decided to channel my inner Lisa Frank and go with tiger/zebra stripes!   I loved the look and wore it until it chipped.

The Sinful Colors sale at Walgreens runs until tomorrow, June 7.  I would definitely stop by and pick up anything you’ve been looking for – especially since the new colors and tattoos are included in the sale!