Review: ILNP – Bad Mogwai

Good morning lovelies!  I decided to play around with ILNP’s Bad Mogwai and today I will share my thoughts on this discontinued polish.

ILNP Bottle Bad Mogwai Label


Bottle Macro










Based just on looks in the bottle, I thought this polish to be a black jelly with green glitter.  I was very surprised to find that it is actually a clear base with green and black glitter!

Thumb Macro ILNP Only Mani













Both pictures are one coat with no undies.  I really like the density of the glitter and how much you get in one coat.  I did find that I had to use several brush strokes to get a more even application of the glitter, but this really did not bother me.

Gunmetal Mogwai Mogwai Mani




I think this polish has lots of potential as a glitter topcoat.  I tried it out over Avon’s Gunmetal and Urban Gray.  I prefer the look I got over Gunmetal to Urban Gray, but I think it is just that I expected Urban Gray to come out a little more gray than nude.

My one complaint with Bad Mogwai was the smell.  It was a bit strong compared to other polishes I’ve used.  Other than that one thing, I liked the application, glitter consistency, and the overall aesthetic of the polish.  I must say that I give this polish a 4 out of 5 due to the smell.

Have a fantastic Friday, all!