Frugal Friday: Forever 21

Hello lovelies!  Today I pulled out one of my untried polishes, a Forever 21 polish that is simply labeled as Grey/Multi.  It appears to be a dupe of NCLA’s Sugar Fix.  I don’t have Sugar Fix to compare “Grey/Multi” to, so I’ll just call them look-alikes.

Forever 21 BottleForever 21 Bottle Side
If you click on the NCLA link, you’ll see that this looks like Sugar Fix.  I did find it to be a bit thin in application, I don’t know how many coats it would take to get no VNL (visible nail line), three definitely wasn’t enough on the swatch wheel for opacity.

On Nails
I layered one coat of Grey/Multi over e.l.f.’s Misty Haze.  I think that Misty Haze was close enough to the color of the jelly base of Grey/Multi, that the mani looks like Grey/Multi in the bottle.

elf Bottle
The e.l.f. is a lighter gray, and as much as I tried, I could not get it to completely mix.  You can see how it looks darker closer to the top of the bottle.

F21 and elf Bottles
I was also surprised at the mani results because of how much lighter Misty Haze appeared in the bottle.  On the nail, Misty Haze was a darker gray – closer to the base of Grey/Multi.

This was my first time playing around with a Forever 21 polish.  For $2.80 regular price, I’ll definitely be back for more.  I found Grey/Multi on clearance for some ridiculously low amount – $0.99 maybe?  I highly suggest stopping in Forever 21 if you have one near you to check it out if you’ve been wanting Sugar Fix.

Final thoughts:  The Forever 21 polish may be cheaper than the NCLA, but it seems to be a good quality.  The glitter is wonderful – not curly or hard to place.  The best thing of all is removal.  I was in the mood for a different mani and the removal of this one was amazing.  I used acetone and a cotton ball to remove.  I did not have to use foil wraps as I do a lot of times for glitter polishes.  I think I had only one or two glitter pieces that required some work to get off my nail.  Overall, I’d give this polish a 4 out of 5 rating just because I needed to layer it to get nice opacity.