Dragon Egg and Pre-4th Mani

Hello lovelies!  Today I’d like to share a crafting project with you that I’ve been working on the past four or five days.  It’s a “dragon egg!”  I used the tutorial that Mish over at Accio Lacquer posted.  As tedious as this project is, I will do another one or two or more because look at the result:

IMG_2587 IMG_2595








For the thumbtacks, I painted them first with two coats Wet n’ Wild’s Black Creme, then one coat of Clarins 430 (the coveted “Unicorn Pee”), and finished with a clear topcoat.  I love using my 430 for projects like this so that I can preserve it in it’s true glory!  I know the second photo isn’t great, but it shows just the broad spectrum of colors that is 430.

I also have on what I am now considering my pre-4th of July mani.  I was not as happy as I thought I would be:

The base is Red Carpet Manicure’s Dripping in Luxury, a color that looks more silver in bottle than it does applied.  I would say it’s more of a foggy pearl when on the nail.  I topped that with Julep’s America the Beautiful.  I like America, and I thought it would look great on a silver background, but I was mistaken, or at least I was with the silver I picked.  I intend on redoing my mani before Friday.


Since Friday falls on a holiday, and my post will be Independence Day themed, I will either post late on Friday or early-ish on Saturday.

Have a happy and safe 4th, everyone!