PinchMe Unboxing

Hello, lovelies!  I received my Pinch Me box the other day, and I’d like to share my goodies with you guys!

PinchMe Box






It’s a big box this time.  Can’t wait to dig in!



The first thing I pulled out was Tom’s of Maine deodorant.  It’s Wild Lavender scent.  (The pink on the label was something that leaked.  I never could figure out what.)  The scent is a bit strong.  I tried it, but it’s not for me.  For me, it didn’t last the 24 hours that it stated it would.  I like the fact that it’s natural ingredients, but it just doesn’t work with my body’s chemistry.





The next thing I pulled out was a pack of Gevalia coffee.  Gevalia is not new to me, and this met my expectations.  I drink my coffee with flavored creamer, and this blended well with the creamer.  It was very smooth.  I really enjoyed it!





I then pulled out three Garnier samples: Hydra Recharge hair care, Clean+ Balancing Daily Exfoliator for Combination Skin, and Marvelous Oil 5-Action Hair Elixir.  I have tried all but the hair elixir.  I really loved the exfoliator and am considering purchasing it.  It left my face feeling nice and fresh.  The Hydra Recharge I could take or leave – my hair isn’t dry, so I didn’t need the moisturizing care.  It was nice, and I would purchase it if my hair was the dry type.

Buen Sabor

I also received a coupon for a free package of Buen Sabor at Target.  I can’t wait to redeem it as they do show empanadas pictured as an option!





SC Bottle SC Label








Lastly is a bottle of Sinful Colors in Sunburnt.  I really liked this color.  It is a very warm, eye-catching, deep coral.  It applied as I expected, very smoothly.  I have yet to find a Sinful Colors polish that has not had wonderful application – Silver Solution’s application was nice, I just didn’t like the opacity.

SC Mani



This is two coats of Sunburnt with no topcoat.  I really find this a wonderful summer color.




Disclosure:  All samples were provided free of charge by Pinch Me.  I was not required to write a review, I chose to do so on my own.  Click here to sign up for Pinch Me to get your own products to try! (I receive nothing for Pinch Me click-throughs other than the satisfaction of knowing you get to try some awesome products!)

Have a fabulous Friday, all!


Trendy Plus Size Clothes

Hello, lovelies!  I have been wearing plus-sized clothing since high school, and it was (and has been) always hard to find trendy plus-sized wear.  Today I’d like to share four of my top picks for trendy plus-size clothing.

1. Wet Seal – I just discovered that Wet Seal has a plus-size line.  The clothes are very trendy, and are at a lower price point than most department store and specialty lines.  I have not tried anything on, so I’m not sure if they run true-to-size or are the “boutique” fit – i.e. – run small.

2. Forever21 – I wish I had known a long time ago that Forever21 had a plus-size line!  The clothes are, again, very trendy and are geared more towards teenagers.  However, I find clothes there occasionally that fit my style and are work appropriate.  The price point is very reasonable and it is easy to replace your wardrobe seasonally at this store.

3. Sonsi & Lane Bryant – I am grouping these two together since they are owned by the same parent company and you share a “shopping bag” between the two sites.  Sonsi is great because it features a lot from Lane Bryant, but has other brands.  I consider Sonsi the site geared towards a younger audience, but that’s not to say that they don’t have some fun clothes that would work well for all ages.  I hesitated adding Lane Bryant in here because of how well-known they are, but they are among one of my favorite plus brands.  Sonsi has a vast range of price-points from low to moderate.  (My definition of moderate being $50 – $100.)  Lane Bryant tends to run in the moderate range if you can’t catch sales and clearance.

4. Torrid – I love Torrid.  I have purchased several tops, a couple of bras, and a dress from Torrid.  Their sizing can be a bit daunting at first, but the size guide really comes to the rescue.  Most tops are sized 0 – 5.  Size 4 appears to be the largest they carry in-store, but they now offer free shipping to your local store, so it’s no longer as difficult to order the larger size.  The clothes are fresh and trendy, but are geared to be worn by not only teens, but young (and young-at-heart) adults.  Price points are mostly moderate, but they often have a lot of great things on clearance.

My list is in no particular order.  I would say that I’ve purchased mostly from Lane Bryant, but I love Torrid’s style more and Forever21’s price-points!

Mani Monday with Zoya – Binx

Hello, lovelies!  Today I want to share one of my most recent acquisitions, Zoya’s Binx.  I absolutely have loved all the swatches I’ve seen, so I was eager to get my hands on this.  I picked it up at Ulta for $9.

Bottle Label








I love the multi-color look the iridescent glitter gives this magenta polish.  It is stunning in the bottle.  I was hopeful it would be as brilliant on the nail.

Macro2 Macro








Just look at the multi-tonal color!

Layers Mani








I found this polish to be a three-coater to get the truest color.  As sheer as it is, it would look excellent layered over a creme as well.  Application was a dream; I have come to expect as much from Zoya, and anything less would give it a low rating.  I am absolutely in love with this polish (if you can’t tell.)  I definitely give Zoya’s Binx a 5 out of 5.

This was my chosen polish for the Great Polish Giveaway of 2014.  If you haven’t already, enter from my original giveaway post.  You could win up to 200 polishes!

And one last photo: a macro of the polish on my thumbnail:









Have a marvelous Monday, all!

Finally Friday!

Hello lovelies!  I apologize for my lack of posting.  I might be a bit sparse for this month.  I am trying to finish up a research paper for school.  I also am interviewing for a job this coming Wednesday; I’ve been having to study to brush up on my technical skills.

So for today’s post, I’ve decided to do my five favorite things at the moment.  Simpsons

1.  My Simpsons Lego minifigures.  I really wish I could find the rest of them! I got these at Target for $2.99-3.99





2. My golden “C” mug.  This was a 2013 holiday limited-edition at Anthropologie.  It’s so big and shiny!







3. My Indian tea that I put into my golden “C” mug.  I buy this at our local international market.  I love the taste so much! Around $7 at international/Mediterranean markets.







4. Julep Glycolic Hand Scrub.  I got this in a duo set with the Julep hand lotion and I loved the scrub so much I had to get a full size.  $23 at Sephora, but you can of course get it at at a lower price if you are a Maven.







5. My journal.  I use it to track my mood and headaches.  Found at Barnes & Noble for $5.98.