Review: Sinful Colors Silk – Silver Solution

Hello lovelies!  A little while ago, I went in Walgreens and found the Sinful Colors Silk collection.  The silver shade, Silver Solution, caught my attention and I decided that I would get it and try it out.

SS Bottle SS Label








It is a lovely silver color in the bottle.  I was very eager to try this one out.  I have one or two gold satin polishes, but nothing in silver.

SS Layers



I was disappointed to find that it takes four coats to get full opacity, and even then you still have a bit of visible nail line.  Silver Solution is very sheer.





SS as Top Coat



It does work well as a top coat.  Pictured is one coat of Silver Solution over (from top to bottom): Avon – Powerful Pink, Butter London – Diamond Geezer, and Avon – Blue Shock.  The Diamond Geezer nail is what I had expected when I purchased this polish.



All in all, I’m highly disappointed with this particular color in the Silk collection.  I would hope that the other colors are more opaque.  Even though Silver Solution makes a nice top coat, it does not work well over all colors.  In my trial, I prefered it over the warm tone of Powerful Pink rather than the cool tone of Blue Shock.  I give this polish a 2 out of 5.

Have a marvelous Monday, all!


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