6 Harts Polish

Swatch All The PolishHello lovelies!  It seems that I cannot get a polish without swatching it.  I know this is definitely the case with my latest polish acquisitions from 6 Harts Polish.  I won my choice of two polishes.  I chose Sea Glass and Midnight Delight.

Sea Glass Front Sea Glass Back

The first polish, Sea Glass, is a dove-like gray base with blue-tone flakies.  It has a purple shimmer that is very hard to capture in photos.  I found this polish absolutely gorgeous, and photos do not do it justice.





Sea Glass Macro2 Sea Glass Macro1








I was able to capture a bit of the purple shimmer in the second macro shot.  I believe that this polish will be my go-to gray from now on.  I absolutely adore it!

Sea Glass Mani



Photo is two coats of Sea Glass with Seche Vite topcoat.  The photo is also after one day and there is a bit of tip wear.  A day of errands will do that, at least to my nails!



Midnight Delight Front

Midnight Delight Back



The second polish is Midnight Delight.  It is a very deep purple with silver glitter.  To me, the name is very accurate – it looks like the night sky!




Midnight Delight Macro1

Midnight Delight Macro2








The macro photos show a bit of the purple – I think it shows just how deep a purple it is.  Some of the glitter had sunk to the bottom, but it didn’t seem to affect application.  I really need to get some Glitter Food for polishes like these.  I think it would have been even more exceptional had I been able to get the glitter properly mixed in.

Midnight Delight Mani



Due to the deep tone, I used three coats for my mani.  It applied very easily and I did not “fish” for any glitter.  The purple base reminds me of GOSH’s Purple Heart without the green shift.  I really like this polish as well.



I give these two polishes 5 out of 5.  I will definitely wear both of these again.  I love the ease of application.  The polish was free-flowing without being too thin – it just glided onto my nails.  Dry time was minimal – nothing out of the ordinary.  The opacity is great.  I generally like to do only two coats of polish, but Midnight Delight is worth the third coat.  6 Harts Polish is definitely on my “recommended” list!

Have a wonderful Monday!


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