Review: Ciaté Chalkboard Manicure Kit

Hello lovelies!  You may remember when I shared my Summer Secret Santa swap haul, I received a Chalkboard Manicure Kit by Ciaté.  I finally got to try it out!

Closed Kit

Open Kit






Here is the outside and inside packaging.  The kit comes with a black “chalkboard” base, four markers, and a matte topcoat.

Pens Pen







I hadn’t noticed this until I started taking photos, but the pens all have names.  Blue is Teacher’s Pet, yellow is Recess, white is Satchel, and pink is Jump Rope.  I showed the tip of the Jump Rope pen.  It reminds me of paint pens, you have to prime the tip.  I found them very easy to use.

I, of course, had to try out all of the colors.  It notes on the kit that you can remove the paint from the pins within 30 seconds with water.  I found this to be mostly true – the pink I was able to remove a good while longer than 30 seconds.  So be sure when you’re happy with your design to apply the matte topcoat.  The black base was a little hard to put on.  Manicure picture is done with two coats.  You do have to be sure that the first coat is 100% dry before applying the second coat, otherwise you will have some dragging and light spots – you can see a bit of that on my star-design nail.

Chalkboard Mani



I found the pens very easy to use.  The only complaint I have is that unless you are ambidextrous, you can only really do designs on your non-dominant hand.  I think this would make a great kit for teenage sleepovers where you can have your friends do the designs on your fingers.


Overall, I give this kit a 3 out of 5.  I like the concept, but the difficulty of doing your non-dominant hand and the application of the black base keep me from giving this a higher score.  I think some templates would have been nice to assist with your non-dominant hand.

Have a great weekend, everybody!



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