4th of July Wrap-up

Hello lovelies!  Not much of a post tonight as I’ve been recovering from the holiday today.  I did wind up changing my mani for the Fourth:
Sadly, this is the best picture I have.  Something happened with the better picture and I cannot get it to load.  I also was so excited to have found something I liked better, that this is pre-cleanup!  Blue is Zoya’s Dream and red/silver/blue glitter is Julep’s America the Beautiful.  I really enjoyed this color combo and found it quite patriotic.



Despite a light drizzle, we went to watch the Stars and Stripes over San Antonio firework show:
IMG_20140704_212810[1] IMG_20140704_212823[1]
Here is Elizabeth waiting eagerly in the car.  Last year, we found a great little park that was not crowded, and that seemed to be the case this year as well.  Since it was drizzly, we stayed in our car.


I found that I managed to get one photo of the fireworks.  I took a bit of video – I was trying to capture Elizabeth’s excitement, but of course she was silent once the camera was going!  I now want to see if I can pull some stills from the video.

Overall, we had a wonderful 4th of July.  I made macaroni salad and apple pie, mostly from scratch.  I’ve found that pie crust is just a pain in the bum, so I buy the Pillsbury pre-made crust from the refrigerated case.  It tastes just as good as homemade crust.

My pie:

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


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