Unboxing: Polish Summer Secret Santa Exchange

Hello lovelies!  It seems like every blog day, there’s something going on.  I have so many polishes I want to try out, but I am going on a job interview today and have to wear something more appropriate than most of the polishes I’ve gotten recently.  So since my nails are a plain red – Red Carpet Manicure’s Red Carpet Reddy to be exact – I will share my Summer Secret Santa Exchange package.  One of the nail groups I’m in does a bi-yearly polish secret santa exchange, and here are my spoils!

Mustache Tape Box Doodles
I loved the mustache tape and doodles on the outside of the package!  (Dongs refer to the “adult” theme of the exchanges we do.  Said adult-themed items included are not shown here.)

This was the first thing I opened, and my jaw literally dropped.  I have been ogling Scofflaw’s stuff for ages, and I never have money when there is a restock.

All the polish!  Color Clubs: Twiggie, Pucci-licious, Jack ‘n Jill, Endless Summer, Coral Cascade, Oh My Versailles, and Club Clear.  Top row from L to R: Zoya – Monet, Indigo Banana minis in Great Scott!, Hot Ice Creams for Cold Days, and No Order, Only Chaos, ALIQUID Lacquer (pronounced Ali – quid) minis in Divine Curse, Make a Wish, and A Pun on Teal, and lastly, Revlon Leather Texture in Downtown.  Bottom row from L to R: OPI – In True Stefani Fashion, China Glaze – Shell We Dance, Nubar – Strawberry Lemonade, Emily de Molly – Baby’s Got a Temper, and Scofflaw (!!!) in Love Letter to Bob Ross, Love Letter to Ziggy Pop, and Happy Little Tree.  Looks like I’ve got swatch/review material for awhile!

Essie Sleek Stick
These Essie Sleek Sticks were in the package.  The top is a silver color and the bottom is red and gold.

Ciata and Sugar Skull Ciate
My Santa read my mind in sending me the Ciaté Chalkboard Manicure kit.  I had seen it in Sephora a while back, and had put it out of my mind.  I can’t wait to try it out!  The first picture is a lovely sugar skull file!

Card Elizabeth and Hello Kitty
I also received this nice card in the package, and a Hello Kitty marshmallow on a stick.  Elizabeth promptly took the Hello Kitty pop, and had to show it off!  She did allow me to have a few bites of it.

My Santa was extremely generous.  After thanking her, I remembered that I had been her Santa back at Christmas!  She was spoiling me back she said.  All but a few of the polishes had been on my wishlist – in fact the Color Clubs, Revlon, Ciaté, and the Essies were the only things not on the wishlist!  Ciaté was not on my wishlist just because in listing things on my wishlist, I had failed to remember it.


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