Unbagging: Indigo Bananas

Hello lovelies!  I’m having a root canal done this morning, so today I’m going to share with you my recent Indigo Bananas buy.

I was so excited to pull this out of the mailbox on Friday!  There was a recent release of new polishes, and I picked out two minis.  I have a few Indigo Bananas already and I love the brand.

Out of Bag
This is what was in the bag minus the invoice.  Yummy, yummy candies!

Out of Packing

Here’s what I got: Rainbow in the Dark, Reign, and Coffee Cuticle Balm.

This was my first IB cuticle balm, and I absolutely love it!  The cuticle balm also doubles as a lip balm.  Only one or two of the balms are not lip safe.  The coffee balm tastes and smells like a café mocha more than just a plain coffee.  I cannot stress how much I love this product.  It is now my go-to cuticle balm.

Here’s a close-up of Rainbow in the Dark and Reign.  Rainbow in the Dark is a lovely charcoal color with multi-tonal flakies and a bit of holo.  Reign is a deep red with multi-tonal flakies and a bit of holo.  Both are gorgeous and photos do not do them justice!

Of course, I had to try them out straight away, and it is Mani Monday after all!  I used Rainbow in the Dark as my main color and Reign as an accent.  I love how all of the IB colors are nowhere near boring!  Just look at the rainbows!


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