Unboxing and Mani Monday

Hello lovelies!  This weekend, I received a mysterious package from Nailtini.  I don’t remember ordering anything, but that’s not to say that I might not have.  (Yes, it’s terrible and I have a problem, I know.)  I also am involved in a Summer Secret Santa, so it’s possible that my Santa sent it my way.  Either way, I would like to share the unboxing with you all and show the mani that came as a result.

Nailtini Box
The Box: Mailing label is on the side facing down.  I think the sealing tape is really cool having lacquer bottles and their logo on it.  The box was pretty plain other than that.  It’ll make a great gift or mailing box.  (This is how I think.)

In Box
Inside:  Upon opening the box, I found two cards: one a general “Who We Are/What We Do” card, the other an offer from NAIL IT! magazine.  (I am going to take advantage of the free trial offer.)

The Polish:  Two empty mixing bottles, and L to R: Tiger Lily, Dragon’s Kiss, Blue Lagoon.  I remember seeing this set, a collaboration between Nailtini and Maryam Maquillage.  I remember looking at this set online and being intrigued most by Dragon’s Kiss (red with black glitter.)  I am impressed with the other two colors.  Tiger Lily is a very shimmery and very bright yellow, and Blue Lagoon is a wonderful pale blue with little silver glitter.

Nailtini Mani
The Resulting Mani:  I had to use all of the colors at once!  I applied Dragon’s Kiss to my thumb, pointer, and pinky fingers, Tiger Lily to my middle fingers, and Blue Lagoon to my ring fingers.  I really like the look of the polish.

Brief Polish Review:
This was my first application of a Nailtini polish despite having one in my stash.  I was very impressed at the application.  The polish went on very smoothly, the glitter in Dragon’s Kiss needed no special placing, and the colors are astonishing.  I would say that my only complaint is that the brush is a little on the overly-wide side, but not enough to keep me from using these again and again.  I had to correct my application and completely remove Dragon’s Kiss from a couple of nails.  I mention this because I have never had a glitter remove so easily.  There were no pieces that wanted to stay behind with the polish.  Overall, I give Dragon’s Kiss and Tiger Lily a 5 out of 5, and Blue Lagoon a 4 out of 5.  Blue Lagoon’s rating is a bit lower because of needing an extra coat (total of 3) to be opaque and as I see in the photo, there is still a bit of VNL.


Dragon’s Kiss: 5/5
Tiger Lily: 5/5
Blue Lagoon: 4/5


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