It’s Just Another Mani Monday!

Hello lovelies!  I finally found Sally Hansen Color Foil polish in Rose Copper at HEB the other day.  I’ve seen swatches, and loved what I’ve seen, so I had to grab one.  Here are my thoughts:

Rose Copper Bottle
It’s a beautiful shiny bottle.  I expect the color will look greatly similar to the bottle shade – a nice, almost rose gold foil.

Rose Copper Mani
Here it is swatched on my nails.  It came out a bit more copper-toned than I expected.  I then noticed this about my preliminary swatches:

Rose Copper Swatches
Three swatches, one bottle, all different.  For some reason it took on a weird golden copper tone on my thumb.  I did use a base coat as I had read others have done, but I’m thinking maybe it reacted weird to the base coat I used – ORLY Bonder.

Better After Dark Stamping
Hoping to make the best of things, I tried some leopard-print stamping with Nicole by OPI in Better After Dark – a Dove Chocolate promo polish I won earlier this year.  I do not recommend Better After Dark for stamping, it was a bit finicky to work with – I either got too much or not enough.  I was pretty pleased with the overall aesthetic of the stamping design though.

Overall thoughts:  I would like to try this one again without base coat.  Until then, I’m going to have to say that ymmv – your mileage may vary.  Like I said, I’ve seen gorgeous swatches of this, both with and without base coat.  I’ll just have to try this one again.


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