Who’s a Dupe? – Sally Hansen’s Royal Icing and Sugar Cloud

Hello lovelies!  Today while looking in the cosmetics department at HEB, I noticed one of my lemmings on the shelf – Sally Hansen’s Royal Icing.  It’s a sheer texture polish that can be layered over regular polish with a very nice effect.  As I went to pick it up, I noticed something odd.  In the same spot there was a polish that looked identical, but the labels were different.  This second polish was Sally Hansen’s Sugar Cloud.  I had seen sugar cloud before and thought it looked like the Royal Icing swatches I had seen, but since I had never seen Royal Icing in person, I thought it was a different shade.  I was intrigued and had to purchase both polishes to see if they were in fact dupes.

Royal Icing vs Sugar Cloud Fronts
I did not notice that they were labeled differently on the front until getting them home.  Sugar Cloud is labeled as “Sugar Shimmer” and Royal Icing is labeled as “Sugar Coat.”  As you can see, the only difference so far is in the front labeling.

Royal Icing vs Sugar Cloud Backs
In the store, I verified the polish names on the back label.  I initially thought that a Royal Icing cap label had somehow gotten onto a bottle of Sugar Cloud, but I was wrong.

Royal Icing vs Sugar Cloud Sides
Here’s a side-by-side shot.  I honestly cannot remember which one I put on the right, and which one I put on the left.  They are 100% identical in the bottle.

Royal Icing vs Sugar Cloud
So, here are swatches.  The left two swatches are two coats, the right two swatches are one coat.  These are the exact same polishes.  Sally Hansen must have relabeled Royal Icing as Sugar Cloud and re-released it.

RI and SC over HBY
Just to show how beautiful this color is layered (and that it’s a dupe), I applied one layer over three layers of The Hungry Asian’s Happy Blue Year!  I really like the combination as it adds a bit of sparkle and a tint of purple/red to the mani.

So yes, Royal Icing and Sugar Cloud are dupes.  I was quite pleased to find Royal Icing, but also a bit miffed that I had passed up Sugar Cloud searching for it so many times!



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