Trip Report: Sinful Colors Sale at Walgreens

Hello lovelies!  The other day I heard that Sinful Colors polish was on sale at Walgreens for 99¢, and I had to go check it out for myself.

I found that not only were polishes on sale, but the new nail water tattoos were on sale!  Here’s what I picked up:

SC Polishes
These beautiful colors, Orange Crush and Ruby Mine, turned out to be textured polishes from the Crystal Crushes collection.

SC Ink Out Loud SC Its All Tat SC Tatoo Hot SC Rad-A-Tat
I also picked up all four nail tattoo sheets.  Some of the designs are repeated in the packages, but for 99¢, I couldn’t resist!  I tried out the pink drink decals and the application was easy; however, if you don’t apply a topcoat after, they do rub off fairly easily.
ET w tattoo
This is Indigo Banana’s Executive Transvestite with the pink drink water decal.  I will go into my love of the Indigo Banana’s brand at a later date, but I think this photo gives a good idea of why I love IB.  Just look at the rainbows in that polish!

I decided to do a fun gradient design using both of the polishes after bringing them home.  Here is the gradient a little before cleanup:
SC Gradient

And then here was what I came up with for final look:
I decided to channel my inner Lisa Frank and go with tiger/zebra stripes!   I loved the look and wore it until it chipped.

The Sinful Colors sale at Walgreens runs until tomorrow, June 7.  I would definitely stop by and pick up anything you’ve been looking for – especially since the new colors and tattoos are included in the sale!


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