Who’s a Dupe? – Textured Polish Edition

Hello lovelies!  Today I’ve got a continuation from Monday – the dupes I found, or in some cases, thought I found!

SB vs MCA Bottles SB vs MCA
Finger Paint’s Spell Binding and Nicole by OPI’s My Cherry Amour looked very similar in the bottle.  Upon application, Spell Binding is noticeably darker.  Out of the two, I prefer Spell Binding in the fact that it only takes two coats for complete coverage rather than My Cherry Amour’s three coats.

Jinx vs Dhara BottlesJinx vs Dhara
OPI’s Jinx and Zoya’s Dhara are one of those that I didn’t realize were close until after application.  In the bottle, the OPI appears more of a reddish-orange and the Zoya appears to be a sunnier orange.  Upon application, you notice how similar they are.  It’s so close that I’m calling it a dupe.  So if you missed Jinx in the OPI Bond Girl’s collection, pick up Zoya’s Dhara.

HR vs TSP Bottles HR vs TSP
Ah, another OPI suspected dupe.  In bottle, OPI’s Honey Ryder and L’Oréal’s The Statement Piece look very similar.  I really suspected dupes in color, thinking the only difference would be the chunky glitter in the L’Oréal.  When swatched, Honey Ryder is a more yellow gold.  The L’Oréal leans more toward a whiter gold and is definitely different with it’s chunky glitters.

Jewel vs Seahorsin Bottles Jewel vs Seahorsin
This was another surprise for me.  Love & Beauty’s Blue Jewel looks nothing like China Glaze’s Seahorsin’ Around in the bottle.  However, when applied they are incredibly alike.  Blue Jewel is just a touch darker than Seahorsin’ Around, but it’s so close that I wouldn’t have bought both had I have known.  Both were on clearance when I purchased them.  Love & Beauty can be found at Forever 21 stores.  Seahorsin’ Around I found on clearance at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

TMS vs DITR Bottles TMS vs DITR
China Glaze’s Tail Me Something and L’Oréal’s Diamond in the Rough look more similar in dimmer lighting and when they’re not sitting side-by-side.  I really thought they were going to be more similar than they turned out to be.  Tail Me Something is more of a true light purple and Diamond in the Rough is more of a light mauve.

AR vs SIS Bottles AR vs SIS

I really suspected this was a dupe when I purchased the L’Oréal; I just thought the chunky glitter in it added something extra.  OPI’s Alcatraz Rocks and L’Oréal’s Sexy in Sequins look so similar in the bottles.  When swatched, you can tell the difference.  Alcatraz Rocks is a bit lighter and has a more blue tint to it.  Sexy in Sequins not only has the chunky glitter, but is a more purple tone.  It’s close enough that I wouldn’t have to have both, but I certainly would not call them dupes.  It’s hard for me to call which one I prefer.  OPI has better application, but L’Oréal is nice because of the chunky glitter.

Overall, I was surprised at what were and what weren’t dupes.  I love my textured polishes, and really can’t get enough.  I actually picked up two more today that I didn’t realize were textures until application.  Sinful Colors has a new collection of textured polishes.  I will review the two that I picked up along with their new nail tattoos at a later date.


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