A Little Different Mani Monday

Hello lovelies!  Today’s post is going to be a little different.  I have something I have to get off my chest, but I promise I’ll follow with my regular Mani Monday in this post.

Today the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 5-4 that companies can receive an exemption from the birth-control mandate provisioned by the Affordable Healthcare Act.  The ruling stems from Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties contesting having to cover birth-control based on religious beliefs.  The only thing I can find to be glad about is that the ruling was at least close.  I support religious freedom, but I also put people’s health above religion.  When you look at most things, I suspect that most people value health above religion.  You cannot overlook any kind of harm or abuse that is labeled as a religious act.  And that is what this is, a harm to women’s health.  Certain birth-control methods are used for other things.  I was on birth-control pills for a long time to manage my heavy periods, and later I took them to help manage my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  Now it seems that I probably have endometriosis.  My physician informed me that my Mirena IUD is used to help manage endometriosis.  As I understand the ruling, these things may not be covered if the employer my insurance is through decides that they don’t believe in birth-control due to religious beliefs.  I also believe that I would be able to get them covered for my medical issues, but it would take filling out and filing paperwork – basically jumping through hoops.

I read that the companies said they supported birth-control such as some pills, condoms, and sterilization procedures.   Pills and procedures would fall under birth-control as far as insurance is concerned.  How can you single out certain methods?  I also want to note that basic birth-control pills are relatively cheap – I think when I was had no insurance, I was paying about $15/month for the generic, standard birth-control pills.  Sterilization procedures would be a one-time expense, provided it went as planned.  To me it sounds like they approve the methods that would not be of much cost to them.  I had insurance at the time I had my IUD placed, and did not have to pay anything out-of-pocket.  I have no idea how much they cost to be placed, but I would bet that it’s not cheap.

Alright, that’s my opinion of the latest SCOTUS ruling.  On to something happier – Mani Monday!

In the VoxBox that I posted about last Friday, I received a bottle of Sinful Colors in Ocean View.  I decided to use that for my Mani Monday manicure.
Ocean View with Nail Junkie

I used Sinful Colors in Nail Junkie for the accent nail.  Quite appropriate I think, yes?


Unboxing: Surfs Up VoxBox

Hello lovelies! I was so busy working on school work last night that I forgot to get a post ready for today!  So I apologize for the lateness, but today I’ll be showing you the Surf’s Up VoxBox.

Here is the box and the card that was inside.  I love the surfboards!

And here are the contents!  Two coupons: one for a free Jamba Juice smoothie kit (now in grocery stores) and one for $1 off a Jamba Juice smoothie kit.  I have not been grocery shopping this week, so I have not had a chance to get the smoothie.  CoverGirl Bombshell Curvaceous by LashBlast Mascara in black.  I love this and have tried it.  More in a minute.  First Aid Shot Therapy for pain relief.  I actually used this when I started getting a headache.  Wasn’t the greatest tasting, but it worked!  Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion – Haven’t tried it out, but am looking forward to!  And last, Sinful Colors in Ocean Side.  I haven’t been able to do a mani with this yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to this evening and have that review up tomorrow.

Before After
Here are before and after mascara application.  It didn’t do much for the curl of my lashes, but I did like the smooth application.  You definitely need eye-makeup remover for this mascara.  My makeup removing towelettes did not work good enough to get all of it off.  I give the mascara a 3 out of 5.

All items provided by Influenster.  I was not required to post to my blog in exchange, I just chose to provide my opinions on the products I received.


Unboxing: Polish Summer Secret Santa Exchange

Hello lovelies!  It seems like every blog day, there’s something going on.  I have so many polishes I want to try out, but I am going on a job interview today and have to wear something more appropriate than most of the polishes I’ve gotten recently.  So since my nails are a plain red – Red Carpet Manicure’s Red Carpet Reddy to be exact – I will share my Summer Secret Santa Exchange package.  One of the nail groups I’m in does a bi-yearly polish secret santa exchange, and here are my spoils!

Mustache Tape Box Doodles
I loved the mustache tape and doodles on the outside of the package!  (Dongs refer to the “adult” theme of the exchanges we do.  Said adult-themed items included are not shown here.)

This was the first thing I opened, and my jaw literally dropped.  I have been ogling Scofflaw’s stuff for ages, and I never have money when there is a restock.

All the polish!  Color Clubs: Twiggie, Pucci-licious, Jack ‘n Jill, Endless Summer, Coral Cascade, Oh My Versailles, and Club Clear.  Top row from L to R: Zoya – Monet, Indigo Banana minis in Great Scott!, Hot Ice Creams for Cold Days, and No Order, Only Chaos, ALIQUID Lacquer (pronounced Ali – quid) minis in Divine Curse, Make a Wish, and A Pun on Teal, and lastly, Revlon Leather Texture in Downtown.  Bottom row from L to R: OPI – In True Stefani Fashion, China Glaze – Shell We Dance, Nubar – Strawberry Lemonade, Emily de Molly – Baby’s Got a Temper, and Scofflaw (!!!) in Love Letter to Bob Ross, Love Letter to Ziggy Pop, and Happy Little Tree.  Looks like I’ve got swatch/review material for awhile!

Essie Sleek Stick
These Essie Sleek Sticks were in the package.  The top is a silver color and the bottom is red and gold.

Ciata and Sugar Skull Ciate
My Santa read my mind in sending me the Ciaté Chalkboard Manicure kit.  I had seen it in Sephora a while back, and had put it out of my mind.  I can’t wait to try it out!  The first picture is a lovely sugar skull file!

Card Elizabeth and Hello Kitty
I also received this nice card in the package, and a Hello Kitty marshmallow on a stick.  Elizabeth promptly took the Hello Kitty pop, and had to show it off!  She did allow me to have a few bites of it.

My Santa was extremely generous.  After thanking her, I remembered that I had been her Santa back at Christmas!  She was spoiling me back she said.  All but a few of the polishes had been on my wishlist – in fact the Color Clubs, Revlon, Ciaté, and the Essies were the only things not on the wishlist!  Ciaté was not on my wishlist just because in listing things on my wishlist, I had failed to remember it.

Unbagging: Indigo Bananas

Hello lovelies!  I’m having a root canal done this morning, so today I’m going to share with you my recent Indigo Bananas buy.

I was so excited to pull this out of the mailbox on Friday!  There was a recent release of new polishes, and I picked out two minis.  I have a few Indigo Bananas already and I love the brand.

Out of Bag
This is what was in the bag minus the invoice.  Yummy, yummy candies!

Out of Packing

Here’s what I got: Rainbow in the Dark, Reign, and Coffee Cuticle Balm.

This was my first IB cuticle balm, and I absolutely love it!  The cuticle balm also doubles as a lip balm.  Only one or two of the balms are not lip safe.  The coffee balm tastes and smells like a café mocha more than just a plain coffee.  I cannot stress how much I love this product.  It is now my go-to cuticle balm.

Here’s a close-up of Rainbow in the Dark and Reign.  Rainbow in the Dark is a lovely charcoal color with multi-tonal flakies and a bit of holo.  Reign is a deep red with multi-tonal flakies and a bit of holo.  Both are gorgeous and photos do not do them justice!

Of course, I had to try them out straight away, and it is Mani Monday after all!  I used Rainbow in the Dark as my main color and Reign as an accent.  I love how all of the IB colors are nowhere near boring!  Just look at the rainbows!

Challenge Time! Summertime Nail Art – Day 3: Gardens/Butterflies

Hello lovelies! Today is day 3, the final day, of the Summertime Nail Art Challenge.  Today’s theme is gardens/butterflies.  I was so excited about the garden part, I forgot about butterflies!

June Nail art Cover Photo

I decided to try out some polishes from the China Glaze Happy Holiglaze collection.  At the last minute I also added my Green Glitter striper for some details.
From R to L: China Glaze in Put a Bow on It, Mingle with the Kringle, and This is Tree-mendous, and LA Colors Art Deco in Green Glitter.

Complete Mani Thumbnail
And here is my very floral garden mani!  I used a dotting tool to make my flowers and then added stems and leaves with the Green Glitter striper.

I really liked the China Glazes.  This is Tree-mendous took two coats to achieve the look I obtained.  I think three coats would have put it over the top!  I now really want to see Put a Bow on It alone, but that will be another day!

Challenge Time! Summertime Nail Art – Day 2: Sunset

Hello lovelies!  Today is day two of the Summertime Nail Art Challenge and the theme is “Sunsets.”

June Nail art Cover Photo


I drew my inspiration for my mani from this photo I took at Humble Camp Peach Farm owned by my aunt & uncle:

Here’s what I came up with:
Sunset Nails
A sponged gradient of Avon’s Empower, Piggy Polish’s Pimp, and NYC’s Times Square Tangerine Creme.  The sun was made with a dotting tool and NYC’s Taxi Yellow Creme, and the back-lit scenery with Sally Hansen’s I ❤ Nail Art Striper in Black.  All over two coats of Wet ‘n Wild’s French White Creme.

Overall, I found the Piggy Polish and NYC a little hard to stamp with due to their translucent nature.  The Avon seemed a bit more opaque.  The striper was easy to work with and I definitely want to pick up at least another one in white.

Challenge Time! Summertime Nail Art – Day 1: Bright Colors

Hello lovelies!  Today I came across the Summertime Nail Art Challenge hosted by the Facebook group Challenge Your Nail Art.  As they welcome all to the challenge, I decided to give it a shot!

June Nail art Cover Photo
Day one’s theme is Bright Colors.

These are the colors I chose for my mani:
Butterflies - Crush on You - Green Apple
From L to R: Orly Butterflies, Crush on You, and Green Apple.

I decided to do something I hadn’t ever done before: Polka Dots.
Complete ManiThumbnail

I found that it took quite a bit of concentration to do this mani.  I also learned that it is good to clean the dotting tool between nails.  I wasn’t doing this at first and you can see that some of the dots are larger than others.  I used a bigger dotter for the pink dots and a smaller one for the orange.  Overall, I like the look and found it easy to do after a little bit.  I’d say this is just above beginner nail art – especially when you get to your non-primary hand!